Resource consent

If you require a Resource Consent, we can work with you through the process to obtain the consent you require.

Documents required for Resource Consent include (but are not limited too):

More information

Site Plan, (scale 1:100/1:200 for Suburban Zone & Rural Zone scale as appropriate) of existing and proposed activities including:

 Which includes:

  • North point
  • Legal description
  • Title or reference number
  • Contours (including spot heights on relevant boundaries & floor levels of buildings)
  • Certificate of title boundaries
  • Site boundaries and notional site boundaries (notional site boundaries only where applicable)
  • Road frontages
  • Existing buildings
  • Layout and location of proposed building and activity (including dimensions from boundaries)
  • Vehicle access, manoeuvring and parking (see Part H of District plan)
  • Proposed Landscaping (where proposed as a mitigation measure)
  • Site coverage calculation
  • Net site area calculation & notional net site area calculation (where applicable)
  • For a non-residential activity, the gross floor area of all buildings on the site (for assessing car-parking requirements)
  • Outdoor living area
  • Council utility services (water, storm water and sewer mains)
  • Watercourses
  • Easements
  • Encumbrance boundaries
  • Details of any signage (sign design, dimensions and location)

All Elevation Drawings (scale 1:100) of all structures to be constructed or altered, showing the relationship to proposed buildings, including:

Which includes:

  • The actual ground level (the level of ground after the completion of all sub-divisional earthworks and before the commencement of any earthworks for the development of the site)
  • Finished ground levels
  • Maximum building height and relevant height recession plane angle(s) (please demonstrate worst case scenario relevant to actual ground level and appropriate boundaries and identify location on site plan).

Floor plan(s)

Which includes:

  • The use of all parts of the building, including basements, parking, lifts, storage and service area

Earthworks plan (for any alteration to the land contour or disturbance of land)

Which includes:

  • Plans showing the location and extent of proposed cuts & fills (please define height, depth (m) and area (m2) of earthworks).