Concept design

If you are considering exploring your options with an alteration, addition, extension or even with a new build, I can help. I will take your ideas and refine your design to meet your requirements and give you something your really happy with.

Building consent

If you have an idea of what you want, with you alteration/addition or new build, we can draw up all the drawings required and submit to the council on your behalf.

Resource consent

If you require a Resource Consent, we can work with you through the process to obtain consent.

3D sketches

As part of a Concept Design, Building Consent or Resource Consent; 3D sketches can be helpful for yourself, the builders and the regional planners to visualise the proposal. At S + Designs a 3D sketch is usually included in a building consent application and almost always included in a resource consent application.

Free Quotes

I do free quotes for you to consider.